Real Life Network

Social Enterprise Investor Deck

The Real Life Network is a community service oriented Network, Communications & Media Platform. It is conceptualized as a tool that will help the community semi-autonomously take notice of the activities within a campus. It will connect and educate people in topics which matter to create a healthy future for the planet. It will highlight and report on the developmental activities in any of the following 18 Development Sectors within a Campus:

  1. Member services & charitable systems

  2. Financial services & estate planning systems

  3. Vocational support & skills development systems

  4. Technology support & development systems

  5. Capital, finance & asset management systems

  6. Legal support & justice systems

  7. Sustainable homes & community building systems

  8. Facilities management & construction systems

  9. Market solutions & settlement systems

  10. Media production & network communication systems

  11. Health support & well-being systems

  12. Ethical food & therapeutic systems

  13. Security & emergency systems

  14. Transport & logistics systems

  15. Advanced energy & infrastructure systems

  16. Disease prevention & sanitation systems

  17. Environmental protection & preservation systems

  18. Ethical agriculture & organic systems

    The RLN will also help members identify toxic or absurd forces operating within their local community.

    The “back end” of The Real Life Network concept is currently being developed it consists of 23 million lines of code running on Amazon Servers and is ready to be deployed as Campuses come online to this technology (technique of mind) across the world. It is complete with a non-inflationary currency (blockchain 2.0) it’s own jurisdiction and a completely transparent social contract.

    432 - 717 it’s a New Renaissance. Goodbye Meta - say hello to The Real Life Network.