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The CFM Report 8

Just a quick update this time and it goes out to all of humanity! Clip credits to Suspicious0bservers on YouTube.

Here we are for another CFM report #8. Just a quick update this time and it goes out to all of humanity! Maybe we should not be squabbling about Petty issues, maybe we should take a second to look at the big picture! We're on a planet and we're all on that planet together. I've got a fun little video that I reference in here, the credits of which go out to Suspicious0bservers on YouTube. Check out the link here if you want to watch the whole video :


Notice the unusually hot weather lately? We kept hearing that it was a depletion in the ozone but you know what breaks down ozone? Ultraviolet light! So why could we potentially be getting more ultraviolet light into Earths atmosphere?  Well.. apparently the geomagnetic field of Earth has been losing strength and this is something nobody's talking about.. well almost nobody. I will be back shortly with an original CFM presentation for the #9 report. 

also seeing as we're getting more premium content subscribers I will be publishing the really juicy bits that we have built up over the years for paid members. help support the RLN consider becoming a paid member today.


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