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The CFM Report 9

Special Twilight edition.

Recorded on the evening of the Black Moon what is that you might ask? Two new moons in one month kind of like a blue moon, rare! I talked about the differences between love and hurt. It's easy to cause a lot of hurt and it can happen very quickly but good things take time and a bit of love and not a lot of meddling. We can speed things up by, let's say.. burning a bunch of oil but, how much oil do we even have to burn and what kind of energy equivalent in human output is that? We touch on that in this one. There's a lot of fascinating things that we're able to do by speeding up the events of the world like Elon musk's SpaceX that's pretty neat but then there's other things like Bill Gates buying up all the farmland in the US. He can't even keep viruses off of computers why is he tinkering with vaccines? Just because we can does that mean we should? Maybe if we just slow down a little bit we will find more answers?
Thanks for checking out this CFM report number 9.

There's a special CFM report coming out right after this one for our paid members where we get into some ridiculous antics and a little bit of background and some of the shenanigans going on in 100 Mile House British Columbia, hope you can check that one out!

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