19 The CFM Report Down the Drain or Not

The business succession crisis and the welfare dependent state, the problems are obvious and the solutions, simple when boiled down. Watch Cam crush it to a fine paste in his mind vise.

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Economic impacts of covid what did the government in Canada do to help the economy recover and how did it help small businesses? I guess that Emergency Canadian Business Account ended up hurting more than it helped when it got called back and no one could pay it. We're set up to lose 250,000 small businesses in Canada because of it. Why don't people have enough money to maintain the economy? Maybe they're too busy trying to survive with just the basics. Has our illustrious crime-minister Justin Trudeau (truda-lo-da-doodle-doo) done anything to supplement that? Yes he has! With the Canada Worker Benefit. You see, some people have jobs but they don't make enough money to survive. Minimum wage has been jacked up continuously but it's not enough. If minimum wage went any higher it would break all the existing businesses so it needs to be supplemented. What are some of the impacts of this economic downturn and the poor purchasing power of the dollar? Well when you couple that with monetary incentives for women to leave with the kids and bankrupt a guy in the process the question starts to become who's working hard enough to actually purchase existing businesses in the country and how are they going to be able to when met with some of these other difficulties? What's going to happen to the retail world in small towns and in large cities when there are no more small businesses?Have a listen to this CFM report number 19 to hear the breakdown and the solution is simple! We start off with a real basic solution that meets everyone's basic needs: it's called eating! And if you don't eat you die! How can we maintain the food and what are we doing to help? Our organization Groundwork which is 8 not for profit social Enterprise has created a monetary incentivization program for volunteers who carpool to farms. Is this something that you could use in your region? We would love to share the model and if it's something that you like and want to know more about please let us know! All proceeds and donations received for the real life Network have been going back into making these sorts of things possible and getting a word out to help these sorts of initiatives and projects grow and expand!Thanks for watching and if you have any feedback please I always love to hear from people.


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