Oct 3, 2022 • 32M

0031 Part Three - A Stroll Through the Victimhood Mini Series

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In this episode we look into the tools and tactics used by the RCMP. What does it really look like on the ground? We speak to some of the psychological tactics and some of the big glaring differences between what we see in the movies and the reality today. We test to see if there is in fact law and we tell some really interesting stories that have been passed along to us to share.

Check out this awesome episode to find out more about how officers make wank these days I mean, rank.. as usual there's some humor and some laughter involved but there's also some very serious topics covered. We talked about some of the mentors, tests and allies on this pursuit for truth. We also talk about the trajectory that law enforcement is going in this country. We used the word law fairly usually because as you will see in this episode we give some startling examples of how there is no law; it's been replaced by process.

The Blog - Truth in Law Find out what law really is.. I bet you didn’t know.

Episode 19 - Security and Emergency Systems What’s the rest of the story with policing in BC Canada?

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