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0035 Going, going, gone ... Rogue

0035 Going, going, gone ... Rogue

What is "Going Rogue"? Where does it show up, what does it mean? What does it take to go in a different direction? To be true or to be deceived?

Updated Audio.

This one really fell into place a day after recording - the next CFM Report is on point and it’s looking like this is leading into some wild stories uncovering and witnessing the systemic corruption. There is a belligerence to Oath’s that’s swept the Northern portion of North America.

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Episode summary: What is going rogue?

Rules, oaths , codes. 

Elementary, Highschool, University/College, Work, Shopping, Marriage, Mortgage, Nuclear Family… Nuclear Family Fallout!! the dominant culture. Rinse, Repeat.

The promise of “the dream” and everyone is there to help you live your best life right? Police officers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, judges, mayors, church leaders. They’ve all taken Oaths and have sworn to abide by their word, take Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath “Do No Harm”. That’s what they do right?

Going Rogue - what is it what does it lead to? Realizing the “Ugly Truth” Challenges into the Disillusionment of “the dream” and what happens when people do not follow any code?

How to”dream a new dream” … can we restore the world for a sleeping mass who have not yet seen that their reality is in fact just a shared dream?

Questions : Who's responsible for potholes, the contractor hired to fix them or the Ministry of Transportation which is Legislated?

Was social dynamics lead to guaranteed outcomes? Healthy, secure societies - committed to ensuring “the dream” is based in Truth (positive polarity) rather than Fiction (negative polarity) can function.

But truth isn’t FLUFFY. EXAMPLES : Men's worker camps - Traumatized people pushing themselves into isolation typically living rural leading to healing ( leads to reintegration to society) or Hillbilly syndrome ( insulated echo circle)

Social - systemic & personal

Mid point show - Cue the Bag Pipes - “Going Brogue”

Accountability vs. the comfort zone - Sweeping it under the rug, burying the issues vs open conflict and resolution

What people face for it What happened (context of guests and stories)Open conflict

Buried conflict - What happens to remedy - The Village & Woman's Strike (feminine - negative - receptive polarity). SAYING NO MORE. Meaning it.

Men (masculine - positive - directive polarity) hard choice.

What are the social challenges. The sleeping mass of shoppers? Don't want to know. How can society can adapt and grow to address such a MASSIVE cultural challenge?

The individual choice, the self-determination and responsibility of maintaining internal freedom - the freedom to Act as opposed to React to make choices. Coming to learn that a Rite is a passage of learning, can be functionally facilitated by community through Ritual as opposed to having to learn the hard lessons over and over and over... That is a healthy, functional culture. A Rite is my responsibility and through it I will learn what is YES and what is NO and not comply when I know it is “wrong” or a NO.

You might lose your job but no one was hurt - Nuremberg defense, obfuscation, denial, removal of personal choice.

I was just following orders, I'm just doing my job - might get promoted but lose any standard of ethics or morality

The metaphysical Woman's (feminine/negative/chaos) “Strike” for the Reformation of the Tribe / Village by Men (masculine/positive/order).

Put the Patriarch … “the World as we know it” in the Dog House - Is there an alternative, what is to be built? Where do we start? What currently exists / has existed. What worked well, what didn’t.

What could exist our is beyond developed - What we can easily concieve. Eight forms of Capital!

Hybrid models - bridges for our consciousness … to help bring the New World to the sleeping masses in a way of understanding.

Gardening + landscaping = permaculture

Architecture+ ecology = arcology 

Just how far could Hybrid Models take us in a short period of time? Where is it going from our experiences here at the Real Life Network… Now that is Actual News -It’s SOMETHING NEW. Than’s for being part of the New Renaissance - the truth is in you. And it’s always been there!

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