Apr 17, 2022 • 42M

0016 Coffee Shop Talk Happy Easter

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We cover interesting tidbits, developments and happenings from the grass roots to the blue sky. From our very own Campus (here in so called South Cariboo) to the University (so called Canada). We sometimes even manage to cover America's Union news (so called North & South America) and we even stumble beyond Globe Union news into Galactic news from time to time! For your entertainment we sometimes make fun of ourselves and do radio skits and plays.
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Happy Easter, another fun episode of coffee shop talk. Recorded here at the NuHQ. 

Today we had a chit chat about everything from when is Easter actually? The beautiful full moon last night. The delicious coffee we are drinking. Elon Musk, a corrupt judiciary and an absent mayor who moved away and there's some kind of disinformation or CSIS agent living in his house - who won't fight about it? Bitcoin and global currency inflation. 

  • Retirement communities - Farming old people. Hoppy Easter & self-forming meaningless lineups (lineup culture - we're not in New York city?) 

  • Mary Ellen's magic crowns at Hoppy Easter.. people who waited in the lineup missed out.

  • People fall off all the time. If we're still talking about omicron we probably fell off..

  • Who's coming to the community and what should they know? Potassium permanganate in the water system? (Link to article) cart pushers, homelessness. Drug addiction skyrocketing. This whole area feeds the penitentiary in Prince George by design.

  • Lead pipes in elementary school water system?

  • Junior high school was torn down and the asbestos garbage pile ended up being lit on fire, what really went on?

  • Lunatics are allowed in town and are harassing and terrifying people and are given inhumane treatment by the RCMP while other good people are persecuted for no good reason by the judiciary and law enforcement? I would know, I'm currently being exonerated..

  • So many locals being pushed out, end up creating more vibrant surrounding communities.

  • Restorative justice and systems coming soon!

A great quote for Easter at the end of the episode and some interesting philosophical thoughts.

Read more at the Village Voice on www.thereallifenetwork.com