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0017 The Battle Within, Coffee Shop Talk

0017 The Battle Within, Coffee Shop Talk

Addressing the tools of change, how do we move forward? Is evolution a revolution? Changes are definitely upon Us in the world and a lot of these dead entities are still trying to move forward at their own detriment and to the detriment of everyone around them. Where does systemic corruption take place? Is it people just doing their jobs or is there a battle happening within those people and within us all.

New awareness lets us use old tools in new ways. It's up to each one of us.

What is the power of an individual and how can a signature carry so much weight? The founding fathers of Confederation in the United States established a new country unlike it had ever been done before. This was the last Pluto return in an astrological sense, it is upon us again. We try to take the woo out of this and break it down as to what it really means, does it affect the price of rice?

What was really going on with agenda 2021 and now on to agenda 2030? We touch on that here in this episode. I hope you appreciate the meaning behind it all and find it in your own life and in the world around you.

What sorts of illusions do we face? How are people distracted off of their life path by them and by the issues that they don't know how, or fail to, address.

When the battle within the people truly infects them it becomes an ongoing systemic issue. How can you change an establishment from the inside? Do establishments change people from the inside?

How does the battle within begin? It's not good thoughts that creep into the mind, typically it's dark thoughts. What do people do with these? How do you respond to them? What does this do to people's awareness and so what does it do to the systems that we create in the world?

Survivor Island versus the island. People working together versus people voting the strongest contestant off the island. What is this doing in the media? What does it do with people? Is it infectious?

Canadian constitutional watchdogs rating the provinces from worst to least worst constitutional violations and Charter violations.

Little bit of a Star Trek drop and a word to Elon Musk.

Big shout out to a local couple who took it upon themselves to also do a coffee shop talk episode.

Finishes with a word from David Attenborough's little brother who after our last interview with him has gone into low orbit to get a better perspective of what's going on on Earth.

  • Constitutions and conventions

    • Charter violations

  • The province versus the idea of new republics

    • Organizations attempting reformation

  • If it failed but it's still trying to move forward what is it?

  • The Pluto return has completed it's not just another declaration of Independence it's something new

  • Space position, geometry, astrology take the woo out of it

    • Solutions of yesterday functioning today?

  • Corruption in the system, systemic problems.

  • It's a battle inside of you, how do people become corrupted?

  • What does it lead to?

    • Circumvented constitutions and charters

    • Literal attacks on food supply chains

      • Special appearance by David Attenborough's little brother in space

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