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002 original orientation and interview

002 original orientation and interview

Today's episode is an original between myself and Dani, the creators of The Real Life Network! Wildflowers Collective and the New Renaissance are both live on The RLN! And we're looking for two more people to help us formalize The Foundation... 

So What’s the Deal with that Cam Guy?

Having my boy taken. Being dumped in a parking lot by the RCMP after having a heart attack. Getting arrested, getting out. Avoiding remand detention in Prince George (where I would still be waiting now, 7 months later). 

What really got me arrested? Am I just a “bad guy”?  Was it my Autonomous-Seed-Bank interview in the Free Press (because seed sharing is such a revolutionary act of revolt these days!!!!)?  Was it that I was actively working with friends on a new and complete legal system ... “something new” and having a really good time?  Was it my ex?  Was it that the Ministry of Children and Family Development was tired of dealing with my requests for help and resolution (and my complaints when they did nothing)? Was it because I turned down a job with the RCMP as a “Community Intervention Liaison Officer“ in Jan 2021.

Whatever the rumours might be about me, the truth is : on June 4 2021 I was lured out of my house and had assault rifles pointed at me by the RCMP for all of my neighbors to potentially witness. And I still haven’t figured out why. I’m talking to you Corporal Burtwhistle - was it the crack in my windshield?!

Ultimately, I believe it might have been because I complained about a judge? Judge Wyatt. The Legal Team seems to think that is the most likely scenario.

After the guns were pointed at me they hauled me off to cells. They never produced an arrest warrant. Then the RCMP unlawfully drove my truck, entered my residence and seized all my electronics -  oh and sacked it for good measure while they were at it!

The real interesting part is what they took. But you’ll have to listen to the episode for that piece of the puzzle! 

During my stay in cells I remained committed to my peaceful protest - as it had kept a bullet out of my head during the arrest. It lead to some interesting events. Tune in to hear these gems … especially the one about the puncture wounds.

I would love to interview one these RCMP officers who were with me in Cells (ideally one who isn’t damaged beyond repair by that corrupt system). Maybe one of them will want to tell their story, after all that is why we are here!

Ultimately, the story the RCMP gave the Press was that I had uttered threats to Ministry workers. I find it almost humorous because, first of all I didn’t, and second of all they had the recorded call they could have just listended to it! 

In conclusion, if it all started when I was pointing at corruption in the Judicial System - in their frenzy they revealed themselves!

We touch on the story of "The Strand" and  the "Garden Parties" a little bit. We also get into the "isness center" and talk about Cameo Radio. All of these things are still evolving and continuing to grow and will be future episodes in and of themselves.  

We get into some of the missing social elements of our time and how we aim to solve them with the RLN to unlock the true store of human potential!

Today's episode is: where did Cameo Radio come from? I think you're going to enjoy it It's a little bit of a long story however, it's probably worth a listen! Quite a few of you out there already know my story and quite a few more probably think they do so have a listen find out the rest of the story! Leaky leaky get the truth out there and don't be sneaky!

Recorded in the South Cariboo British Columbia, in the new HQ!

Stay tuned for episode number 003 where we talk about where Cameo radio is headed and how you can be involved!

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