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0020 Traps, Attacks & Time Mobs

0020 Traps, Attacks & Time Mobs

In Episode 18, peering through the veil, we talked about the process of awakening. In this episode we go into some of the Traps Attacks and rabbit holes, the alleys that take you away from your path in life.

In this episode we explore

The traps of peering through the veil, Attacks, Time mobs, Rabbit holes, Escapism, Cognitive Dissonance.

  • Becoming the cartographer of your life's uncharted territory

    1. Turning clues into confirmations to avoid pitfalls and second guessing

    2. Spiritual bypassing and escapism the root of all frivolity - frivoiality 

    3. Trusting the process, defeating the mind virus

    4. The rules of wizardry

  • Personal, spiritual, perceptual growth - how to do what's never been done

    1. Being told or feeling your heart's path is impossible

    2. People say it's irrelevant or don't care or don't pay attention or are degrading

    3. Refuse to accept the facts because everything still looks normal

    4. Falling back into old patterns / doubts 

    5. Dealing with grief and loss / letting go and moving on

  • The willingness to grow through it

    1. Sticktoitiveness - not giving up when adapting or disappointed

    2. Guttural fortitude - knowing your building your path 

    3. Embodiment - change in patterns of behavior

    4. Play - living it joyfully with gratitude

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