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0022 Elephant in The Park Jun 4

0022 Elephant in The Park Jun 4

This episode starts out live on scene June 4th 2022 at the big thank you for the emergency first responders for 100 Mile House and the surrounding area. Enjoy some of the awesome music in the incredible Volunteer and 100% community built stage!

It seemed there was a bit of an “elephant in the park” though... you know all of those first responders that are no longer with the departments, branches or hospital wings due to the covid mandates. The mandates left many of the halls without personnel, some of these halls were mysteriously unrepresented at the love-in. Maybe they don't feel the love.

Was it political or was it something else? What else has been swept under the rug?

June 4 is the anniversary of the killdozer, the Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee, a declared bank holiday, the anniversary of the unlawful arrest of the host of Cameo Radio - Cameron McSorley (of which he has been exonerated) maybe these things are just ... a little bit of dust under the rug? But of course the dust turns into dust bunnies, turns into sock fog, turns into an elephant under the rug! We might have felt it in the park. We talk about Uncle Grandma coming out from under the rug as well. That's coming up in one of our next episodes!

We speak a little bit more about the real-life network opposed to the dysfunctional nature of Facebook and it's destructive algorithms.

We follow up our "live on scene" back at the new HQ where we recap the event and listen to a couple of speeches, one absolutely incredibly speech (that might begin to dissolve "the colonial slug") from Chief Helen and another one from our local MLA Lorne Doerkson. 

The traditional name of the place we were celebrating in was revealed, meaning underground springs. Helen speaks a little bit more about what it means to be indigenous. 

We hear about and speak about the concepts of being on the land and of the land as friends, allies and neighbors. What are the differences between the "colonial slug" that is an occupying force and the first nations and aboriginals of the land with interesting contrast.

We speak a bit more about the clear cutting of the community forest by the district's development corporation. More to come on that one in an upcoming episode and likely more about it in the Village Voice, that's going to have to be an election issue. Some more of the pink elephant in that room...

We get to tell a little bit of Lorne's story about getting into politics up here. Second hand but still a pretty good story. 

We talk a little bit more about Village being called a district. Districts being wards that are run by boards, you know an institutionalization, are we living in a mental institution? People sure act like they are some days.

We talk a little bit more about the colonial system trying to remove itself, a very interesting concept to hear from that system's people. Glimpses of the elephant.. We get into the concept of five worlds a little bit more and we hope you really enjoy this very unique episode. We are so pleased to be able to have brought it to you.

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