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0024 Conflict Resolution

0024 Conflict Resolution

Types of conflicts we look at in this episode; Internal, Social and Legal. What is conflict and why does it matter? Is it possible to be in a conflict and not even be aware of it? Or to create conflict and not be aware of it? 

We also discuss what unresolved conflicts can lead to, and how to detect and address subtle conflicts before they grow or explode.

Issues that go unnoticed

Issues that go unaddressed

Issues that get suppressed

Where does it come from and where does it go? How does conflict lead to spoken and unspoken issues, conscious and subconscious issues? What happens when that goes on for a long time and even changes form? Have you ever noticed this in your own life? Is avoiding conflict altogether a viable options? 

What are some ongoing conflict resolution strategies? 

  • Informal processes both internal and social, 

  • Getting people or one's self to the table of resolution. 

  • Getting past one’s emotional upset in order to engage

This all may sound like unpleasant work, and it is difficult at times. However, at the end of it all, it makes working with other people more pleasant and worthwhile. 

We explore some of the benefits, processes and strategies to mitigate conflict and what people can gain by working together

  • Natural process, unity through division

  • Growth process… it’s even written in cell division

check out this episode and let us know if and how it applies in your life! 

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