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0027 Uncle Grandma

0027 Uncle Grandma

On This Episode:

Uncle Grandpa started as a ridiculous character concept to embody the times, turns out it's a real thing! We found it hiding in the RCMP and running for the BC Liberal Party. Uncle Grandma was a character that we felt embodies the anarchy of the mind which is so rampant these days. How fitting that it's now seeking election, becoming part of the Government. And what does the word Govern-ment mean, well Govern is control and Mente is the mind. Government is the state of control in the minds of people. So here we go, introducing the anarchy that is … Uncle Grandma! 

An RCMP Sergeant is running in liberal party as of May 5th 2022 … It was in fact politics mixing with law enforcement in Nazi Germany which lead to atrocities and the Nuremburg Trials. Now, in BC, we have law enforcement moving into politics. The Sergeant is taking a “leave of absence” but has not divorced themself from the RCMP. NOT GOOD!

So, here is the totalitarian tiptoe that is : Uncle Grandma! Hiding behind the LGBTQ+ community as a defense BUZZSAW!! It's RCMP spokesperson Elenore Sturko. Known for her uncle being honored, 55 years after he was discharged from the RCMP for being gay. He died a few months after termination from AIDS. This is not to detract from his story, but what is the history here? The RCMP barracks were all men with strict codes, they couldn't even get married without permission. What was the RCMP like 55 years ago in the 1950s? A lot different than the way things are today that’s for sure so what’s the issue? This may be a mechanism of the Totalitarian Tiptoe - using the LGBTQ+ community, how? Changing history. So, Uncle Grandma, erases historical context on things from the past, making it all somehow different today. This level of Relativism causes people to lose sight of how to explore history. If history is “bad” then don’t bother looking at it and definitely don’t learn from it!  And again, it’s in history that we have to look to see where we have examples of political parties and police mixing. The Gestapo (Nazi Germany), The Stasi (Communist East Germany) and The NKGB (Stalinist and post Stalinist Russia). All of these lead to Secret Policing, which was particularly horrendous for Political Dissidents.

So we have the issue of RCMP in politics: active or inactive, RCMP have privileged positions and information access. Too much access to information, and without warrant! Where did it go wrong and where might it have started? Let’s look back to 1993 to 2003 with Priminister John Chretien and the Zach Adeli RCMP Scandal. The RCMP Commissioner who commissioned the slippery slope ... Kurt Eiden was set to be the next RCMP commissioner. Amid a contentious election, Eiden’s rival, Zach Adeli's had a neighbor named Herb, a former MP. Adeli must have had some dirty laundry on Herb because Herb came out of retirement to lobby and push the Chretien Government to get involved in the election… something that is absolutely forbidden. Somehow Zach had something on Herb and Herb was tight with Chretien. An instant recipe for corruption and disaster.

The Chretien Government intervened in the election and installed Adelli. The RCMP was in the midst of negotiating higher wages for members. Instead of following the will of the RCMP Members, Adelli went in the other direction and unionized the RCMP. Since then the RCMP has been in a downward spiral. To the point that the RCMP contract is not being renewed. So in March 2032 when it expires, everyone in Canada will be on the hook for a new policing models. We also look at the issue of RCMP becoming judges through appointment rather than election by the people. This is an issue when we have rampant corruption in the BC Office of the Chief Judge. Major lack of impartiality and breaches of rights, how is a Sheriff any good in that situation?

We also look at the issue of RCMP financial support in the media and poke some fun at local Free Press Editor “Corporal Sinowski”. Wondering how much money they recieve?

We know we don't want the Stasi or Gestapo… But perhaps they are already here? We need a new local policing model and the legislature's Special Committee on reforming the Police Act requires municipalities to pick this up. We know we have first responders and volunteers and they are actually the ones to call but how do we connect everyone in this way? We need to change dispatch methods and have a good hard community look at who has oversight.

Are appointed committees accountable? Are appointed judges accountable? Transparent local collectives electing local people would create more accountability, whereas the current existing Colonial Slug’s systems are not responsive to real issues.

How do we change this?

How is it already changing?

Can we support better dispatch systems? Peer-to-peer networking rather than RCMP and Police Responses? We know the Colonial system is on its way out and the Special Committee on reforming the Police Act wants to decolonize. So here the system is self-admitting that it’s on the way out.

Will Five Worlds and the Original Nations become the proper authority - that is, those that remain connected to tradition, land and history have jurisdiction. Will people continue to allow the false occupying forces to maintain jurisdiction? Or worse - will we allow a new occupying force (the UN, WEF etc) to take the place of the old occupying force?

Security and emergency services episode references those issues and more.

If we don't see these problems will we have to deal with Uncle Grandma? Or will that be much much worse? Can we count on the courts to solve the problems when they are riddled with corrupt judges?


Creating our local courts

Elected rather than appointed judges

Resident judges and resident prosecutors

Resident law enforcement

Resident sheriffs with actual power

Law enforcement not political party enforcement

Where is all this going?

If we don't take care of our problems Uncle Grandma might just … 

Refer to conflict resolution episode

Bringing people together even when they don't feel like it

Ways of networking anonymously and impartially - Finding the threads that bind us - We are all here together - Solving one problem creates a domino effect through all the others.

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