Jul 4, 2022 • 33M

0028 Boat Float Talk

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On today's episode we went for a Boat Float Talk. Recorded from the deck of Champagne Toes (a 10 ft picnic cruiser sailboat from 1872) on Valentine Lake. It's a little bit of a rant and a good story of what's coming up on Cameo Radio. As usual we notice a few things everything from our garbage culture to slip and slides! You're going to have to listen to find out more and don't forget to stay tuned I mean, get tuned! As we go into the ins and outs of current events today. Are we able to notice things? Yes we are! Do we actually have real solutions to some of today's big problems? We sure as heck do! And they're out there for you too so enjoy this echoey episode of ranting fabcasticness. 

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