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0029 Part One - A stroll Through the Victimhood Mini Series

0029 Part One - A stroll Through the Victimhood Mini Series

This is a mini series building on Episode 024 Conflict Resolution.

🔺This one is about the Victimhood. One of the Microcosmic macrocosmic epidemics of the mind virus. We look at breaking unhealthy drama triangles - Playing the victim OR playing into the victim game - Victim, Persecutor, Savior or Victim, Abuser, Rescuer, (many variations) of the unhealthy pattern. Other ways of looking at it, feeding ghosts of the past, being haunted by the past. Building on these unstable-unreal foundations = unhealthy and unstable for our societies.


⭕️ Taking responsibility - learning from the past, being a Student, a Challenger, or a Coach - externally. Taking the Hero or Heroine’s journey, overcoming - taking the journey and making the internal adjustment. Recognizing REAL abuses of power. Locating sources of true power and wisdom as opposed to fear and coercion. Then being able to effectively be of service to others.


Be an Evolutionary! Identify falsities in narratives - False witnesses, False Teachers, False Story tellers and even in systems of Law ... False Scribes, False Prophets and in systems of Finance where we can find the False Merchant, Bankster etc..

Overcoming victim program:

If a person in the drama triangle can see the triangulation, they have the opportunity to transform it. Sometimes people can be helped to see it. However, sometimes trying to help drags another into it - beware you might become identified as part of an unhealthy triangle when you’re just trying to form a healthy circle!! .. Identifying the unhealthy triangle down in the Victimhood depends on a narrative and it cannot exist without a common enemy. Perpetrated victimhood retaliates against perceived enemies. The perceived common enemies, persecutors, could be anybody (or even a thing). Anyone who challenges the victimhood narrative will likely be associated as an enemy; the enemy and all associated receive the projection of the victim's ghosts of the past. In the absence of reason, logic or proof for the ongoing victim state it must be addressed immediately.

Check the narrative, having someone to reflect with is good. Failing to get adequate help that can recognize the false narrative can escalate into community crisis. Being prepared to intervene is no small task. If you find yourself walking in the victimhood ... ALSO be prepared to potentially not be able to help anyone but yourself. Sometimes you need to be prepared to identify a dangerous situation, much like a lifeguard will help someone in distress, however they will not help someone who may drown them in the process.

If left alone for too long or unaddressed What can happen .... Welcome to the victimhood, the ghetto of humanity's soul - ridiculous yet insightful skit at the midway point - Welcome to the hood - victimhood becomes so societally entrenched and so built up that it cannot be changed without an entire worldview shift. This can become socially and culturally ingrained if left unchecked. Can't fix a ghetto by giving it more money or resources, it needs only disparity and disconnection among people. These issues can be seen at a global scale, trying to save the little guy might create a bigger tyrant... These issues can be mended in interpersonal relationships easier than global political relationships.. Doing the inner work and the interpersonal work, can affect global level shifts. Because it's happening at a local level it is happening at a global level, mending global level issues will not resolve local level issues.. It all starts with internal, becomes interpersonal and grows all the way to global levels.

Enjoy this; Part one of four or the Mini series and stay tuned for the rest.. Get tuned - oh yah!

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