Feb 1, 2022 • 31M

005 The Big Lie

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The Real Life Network
We cover interesting tidbits, developments and happenings from the grass roots to the blue sky. From our very own Campus (here in so called South Cariboo) to the University (so called Canada). We sometimes even manage to cover America's Union news (so called North & South America) and we even stumble beyond Globe Union news into Galactic news from time to time! For your entertainment we sometimes make fun of ourselves and do radio skits and plays.
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  • People are on the hunt for FREEDOM! Thousands of Big Rig Trucks are parked at so called Canada’s capital city!  Where does freedom come from though?  Did we lose it? Or did lots more people just realize we were always told we had it?  But what did we really have?  Mandates & Segregation aren’t a new thing in Canada, look at the Reserve system and Residential schools.  So, how does one achieve freedom? In their own life? And society. By understanding Justice. Justice is just-us. It’s between each of us - you and me and the divine.  A segment of “The Un-natural of Things” narrated by David Attenboroghs little brother.  Our first Sponsor!  Solutions, being able to create resolution and achieve justice and ultimately find Freedom.  What is justice and what is freedom? Why are we struggling so much with it? The big lie and the hunt for freedom, where does freedom come from? A quick breakdown from David Attenborough's little brother and then we find some solutions through Justice. What is justice and what is freedom? How do we get it and what might we be doing wrong?

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