Mar 13, 2022 • 57M

011 Honoring The Convoy Movement

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We cover interesting tidbits, developments and happenings from the grass roots to the blue sky. From our very own Campus (here in so called South Cariboo) to the University (so called Canada). We sometimes even manage to cover America's Union news (so called North & South America) and we even stumble beyond Globe Union news into Galactic news from time to time! For your entertainment we sometimes make fun of ourselves and do radio skits and plays.
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Where is the Convoy headed next?

Is the Convoy just trucks or is it more? Does it stand for something deeper

Did the trucks only represent truckers?

  • Was it just mandates for trucks

  • Was it mandates for people

  • What other groups have emerged

  • What options exist?

  • How many dead end traps exist?

Mid show News Flash!

An episode of The Not So Real Life

  • Bad McKinon of the RCMP


  • What's Coming up Next

  • SOLUTIONS you have never heard of.. previously

Do the work reap the benefits

Community Action

Grass Roots

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