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023 Marsh Madness @ Bulls and Barrels

023 Marsh Madness @ Bulls and Barrels

This episode of coffee shop talk - tail gate talk - at the swamp we are live on scene at the little britches rodeo grounds for the new Logan Parent Foundation Bulls and Barrels event on June 11 2022.

Brief description:

  • What IS happening in 100 Mile House?

  • We had what's hoppening put on by the chamber and the elephant in the park episode covered the love-in for the big thank you to all the first responders although, there was certainly a pink elephant in the park on that one.

  • Today's events seemed a little bit different, brought to you by local proprietors and families. Certainly not political activities and they definitely included more people in the community.

  • We started off looking for a new place to be the center of activity and we will soon see how that goes. Should be interesting as it develops and will keep you in the loop. We headed out to high ground in Lone Butte to get an ice cream. Worth the trip! While gas is still below the $2.50 range. We stopped off and saw some friends which was just perfectly serendipitous as we ended up making some perfect exchanges. I might have even found more what we need than we thought we would have. We ended up at the barrel races for dinner which was a pretty darn good time. That's where our episode starts and this is where it will end for today.

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